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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 26, No. 1, 2014

The Extent Educational Supervisors' Practice of Developmental Supervision's Approachs in Riyadh City / Abdulrahman Albabtain

This study aims at investigating the degree of educational supervisors' practice of developmental supervision's methods from educational supervisors and high school teachers’ perspective in Riyadh City. The study also aims at identifying the degree of variance among opinions of study sample about the degree of practicing methods of developmental supervision by educational supervisors based on the following variables (current work , qualification and teaching experience). The study population consisted of (268) individuals distributed as follow ;(70) educational supervisors and (198) school teachers. The current study come up with the following findings: 1 - Educational supervisors practice methods of educational and developmental supervision (whether these methods are direct or collaborative or indirect) with an average degree from the study sample's perspective. 2 - There are no statistical significant differences among opinions of educational supervisors on the degree of using the direct educational approach based on the qualification variable. 3 - There are significant variance among opinions of educational supervisors on the degree of using the indirect and collaborative approaches based on the current position and teaching experience variables for the interest of educational supervisors having long teaching experience.
Keywords: Developmental Supervision, Directive approach, Collaborative approach, Nondirective approach.

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