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Volume 26, No. 1, 2014

Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 26, No. 1, 2014


1. Editorial / Fahad Suliman Alshaya


1. A Proposed Program in the Internet Culture For Awareness Improvement of Certain Life in Intermediate and Secondary School Students / AbdulKarim Abdullah Al-Saif

2. Abstract Barriers for Intermediate School Female Teachers' Creativity in their Instructional Performance in Saudi Arabia / Rashid Husain Alabdulkareem, Aishah Faize Alshehri

3. Scientific literacy level of 8th grade students: A comparison between the governmental schools and the private bilingual schools in the Sultanate of Oman / Abdullah Ambusaidi, Marwa Al-Hinia

4. A suggested proposal to introduce an Islamic entertainment software rating system / Abdullah AbdulAziz Al-Hadlaq

5. The Effect of Using Metacognitive Strategies: (Conceptual Mapping and Mind Maps) on the Second Year Intermediate Students' Conceptual Structure and Vision Thinking Skills in Math / Mohmmed Al-Khateeb

6. The Extent Educational Supervisors' Practice of Developmental Supervision's Approachs in Riyadh City / Abdulrahman Albabtain

7. Practicing of School Principals to Program Administration and School Activities of Gifted Students In The Eastern Province / Fathi Mohammed Abu-Nasser

8. Special Education Teacher’s Perceived Self-Efficacy Scale / Jalal Haj Hussien

9. Psychometric Characteristics of Tool for Assessing Eating Problems among Autistic Students / Ahmed A. Altamimi, Alsayed A. Sayed Ahmad

10. Problem-Solving Skills at Psychological Counselors and Relationship to Counseling Performance their / Dekheel Mohammad Al-Bahadel

Book Reviews

1. Translated Book Review / Abdelwahab Mohamed ElNaggar

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