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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 26, No. 1, 2014

Psychometric Characteristics of Tool for Assessing Eating Problems among Autistic Students / Ahmed A. Altamimi, Alsayed A. Sayed Ahmad

The present study aims to develop a tool for assessing eating problems among autistic students and identify its psychometric characteristics on a sample in the Saudi environment. The final sample of the study consisted of (122) eight-to-twelve students (age average 10.28., S.D. = 1.439), (85) of them enrolled in Eastern Riyadh Intellectual Education Institute, and (37) of them enrolled in Western Riyadh Intellectual Education Institute. The study found that the eating problems among autistic students scale is highly valid and reliable in the Saudi environment, and therefore can be used in discovering and diagnosing Saudi autistic students with eating problems.
Key Words: the truth factor, the stability factor, Exploratory factor Analysis.

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