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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 26, No. 2, 2014

Effect of Counseling Program Based on Information Processing of Social knowledge in Reducing the Attitude Towards Violence for the Second Year Secondary School Students, Taif City / Waleed Mohamed Abo Elmeaty

The Study is aimed to identify the percentage of the second year secondary school students who have high attitudes towards violence, and the effect of a counseling program based on information processing of social knowledge to reduce their attitudes towards violence. The study carried out on 363 students from grade 2, secondary school(males) in Taif city, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A scale applied to determine their attitudes towards violence among adolescents. The experimental study has been applied at 24 students. The descriptive and experimental approach design were used. The study proved that the ratio of the students who have high attitudes towards violence reached 42.2%. There is a statistical significance of the counseling program to reduce students' attitudes towards violence and the effect size of the program was great. In light of the results, quite a number of recommendations and proposed researches have been presented.
Keywords: Encoded Information, Cognitive Structure, Mental Script.

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