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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 26, No. 2, 2014

Eleventh Grade Students' fallacies about Socio-Scientific Issues as Related to Gender / Zeyad abdel-karim amin jarrah, Hazem riyad suliman anagreh

This study aimed at exploring the most important fallacies of Eleventh Grade students in Jordan on issues of cloning, genetic engineering, endogamy, and premarital genetic screening. To achieve the objectives of the study, the researchers used a qualitative method. The study sample consisted of 30 students selected according to the Purposeful Sampling, Maximum Variation Sampling type. The researchers used a semi-structured interview to collect data. The student’s fallacies have been detected through inductive analysis of the collected data. After analysis of the data it was found that the fallacies used by the sampled students ordered from the most common to least common are: The adoption of the point of view without providing sufficient data and supporting evidence, framing the issue religiously and Dispersion from the subject, dealing with the emotions raised by the issue at hand not the case itself, issuing a generalized provision, issuing of the provisions of the extreme, and the impact of social and cultural beliefs of the community.
Keywords: science education, informal reasoning, justification, Provide evidence.

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