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Social Studies Teachers' and Student Teachers' Awareness of the Social and Cultural Effects of the Globalization' Dimensions  / Samih M. Al-karasneh

The aim of this study was to explore the awareness of social studies teachers' and student teachers' of the social and cultural effects of the globalization' dimensions. A questionnaire was used to collect data. The sample of the study included 46 student teachers and 178 social studies teachers. The data were analyzed with SPSS-X , Statistical Package for the Social Sciences,  computer programme. The means, percentages and standard deviations were used to analyze the various items of the questionnaire. Additionally, to reveal the effects of the study's variables , gender and position, , t-test was used. The analysis revealed that the majority of the participants' responses were in the middle rank. In addition, variations among the participants were not found according to their gender. However, the results revealed that student teaches' showed a higher awareness than teachers'. The study recommends increasing participants' awareness of the globalization' dimensions and its concepts to be able to deal with these issues methodically and intellectually. This will be expectantly achieved by providing teachers and student teachers with appropriate knowledge and experiences in their preparation and rehabilitation programmes.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:04am