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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 24, No. 1, 2012

The Degree of the Employees’ Feeling towards Organizational Justice in the Educational Directorat in Mafraq Governorate Organizational Justice / Mohammad Aboud AL harahsheh

This study aimed at recognizing the degree of the employees” in the Educational Directorates in MafraqGovemorate of theorganizational justice and recognizing the effect of some moderators variables such as: sex, education and experience on the degree of theirFeeling towards of the organizational justice. The sample consists of, 120,  employees, who were chosen randomly. The researcher used aninstrument for measuring the degree of the employees’ feelings of the organizational justice consisting of , 20,  items, which cover threeaspects for organizational justice: justice of distribution, justice of procedures and justice of treatments. The validity of the study instrumentwas investigated by a jury of specialists and experts. The reliability of the study instrument was investigated by the test- retest method andCronbach’s Alpha equation. The reliability coefficient of the instrument was computed as , 0.81,  and , 0.88,  respectively. The resultsindicated that the degree of the employees” feelings was low in the three aspects of the organizational justice. They also indicated that therewere no significant differences in the degree of employees’ feelings of organizational justice attributed to variable of sex. Also, there aresignificant differences in the degree of the employees’ feelings attributed to the variables of education and experience. In the light of thestudy, the researcher recommended that employees participate in decision making, express their opinions, and introduce suggestions.



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