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Volume 24, No. 1, 2012

Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 24, No. 1, 2012

The old title of the journal "Journal of Educational Sciences and Islamic Studies"


Educational studies

1. The Degree of the Employees’ Feeling towards Organizational Justice in the Educational Directorat in Mafraq Governorate Organizational Justice / Mohammad Aboud AL harahsheh

2. The Effect of Connecting Science Content with Real Life in the Community of Students Learning in Their Understanding of Scientific Concepts and in Their Attitudes Toward Science / Intisar Zaki Al Sadi

3. Female Students, epistemological beliefs about science at educational science faculties in the Jordanian and Al-I-lussein Bin Talal universities and its effects on their learning style and scientific attitudes / Talal Al- Zobi,Ibrahim El-shar’a ,Mohamad Khair Al-salamt

4. Related services needed by the multi handicap children and their families and availability from the perspective of parents and teachers / Bander Al Otaibi, Zaidan Al Sartawi

5. Research Priorities in Science Education in Saudi Arabia/ Saeed Mohammed Alshamrani

6. Training needs for faculty members to teach man e-learning  environment / Ahmad Almassaad

7. The role of performance expectations in future and achievement motivation in academic achievement among Al- Bayt university students' / Ziad Khamis El-Tah

8. Epistemological Perceptions of Learning and Teaching Physics Concepts amongst Physics Faculty Members at some Saudi and Jordanian Universities / Fahad Sulaiman Al Shaya,Suleiman Ahmad Alqadere


Islamic studies

1. Effect of the two lslamic principles , difficulty give rise to facilitation ,  and , no Damage and no hurt,  " No harm, nor doing harm in recently medical problems / Mohamad ben abdulaziz ben saad Al Yamany

2. System of social observation on Baekbiting & Gossip / Abdullah Bin lbraheim Abdulrahman Al-Showaiman

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