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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 24, No. 2, 2012

Problems of students at Teachers' College, King Khlalid University ,Abha, from their perspectives in terms of some variables  / Mohammad F. Al- Qudah

The current study aims to identifying major problems that facing teacher students college at King Khalid University in bha, Saudi Arabia, from the their perspectives, and Determine whether the degree of these problems vary depending on variables : field of study, educational level, and the desire in specialization, future job anxiety achievement . A survey of students 'problems was prepared , which contains five dimensions , educational, Social , psychological , physical health, and organizational problems, , the data was collected from a sample of , 143,  students at at King Khalid University Results indicated that the students 'problems were rank-ordered as follows: Organizational problems, educational problems, physical health ,psychological problems ,and finally, Social problems. Statistical significant differences were found in organizational problems due to type of specialization favors those with scientific field. Also the differences were found in full scale according to the desire of specialization ; meanwhile, the anxiety of future job after graduation effects the presence of all problems except social problems. According to students' achievement ,a statistical significant differences were found in the educational and psychological problems favors good and passed students compared with very good and excellent students . The analysis showed non- significant differences in students problems due to their academic level . The study concluded with recommendations.


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