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Volume 24, No. 2, 2012

Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 24, No. 2, 2012

The old title of the journal "Journal of Educational Sciences and Islamic Studies"


Educational studies

1. Problems of students at Teachers' College, King Khlalid University ,Abha, from their perspectives in terms of some variables  / Mohammad F. Al- Qudah

2. The Knowledge Achievement in the Sport Injuries and Posture Deformities for the Physical Educators in the Gazan Educational Stage at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  / Ali, M. Jbbari

3. Characteristics of Quality Instructional Software from the Perspective of Saudi Educators and designing an Evaluation Form  / Abdullah Abdulaziz Al — Hadlaq

4. A Suggested Remedial program for Mathematics Learning Disabilities for Middle School Students Based on Modern Educational Technology  /Ahmad EffatKorshem, Hisham Barakat Hussein

5. Health Related Physical Fitness Level and Physical Activity At Students From 12 to 15 Years at Riyadh  / Mashaan Z. Al Harbi

6. Effectiveness of a Proposed Training Program on Action Research Skills and Science Teaching Conceptions Among in Service Science Teachers  / Tahani Abdulrahman Al Muzaini, Hiya Mohammed Almazroa


Islamic studies

1. Evidence of the Christians on the Divinity of Christ and His Miracles from , Collection and Study the Holy Quran,  / Humood Ibrahim Bin Salamah

2. "Blessing In the Holy Qur'an" , Objective Study / Wafaa Abdullah Al-Azaeage

3. Call of Allah to the People in the Holy Quran , Study of Islamic Faith,   / Abdullah Bin Dajeen Bin Ali Alsahli

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