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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 24, No. 4, 2012

Public Education Systems in the Countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council: Frameworks and Development Problems A Critical Perspective  / Mohammad Al — Musaileem,Wafaa Al — Yaseen

There is an increasing interest of the GCC countries in their education systems, as they become aware of the importance of human resource development through building schools and the completion of the requirements of its infrastructure. However, these systems are faced with some subjective problems and challenges which this study attempts to identify. This study is based on a descriptive analytical methodology which means describing the phenomenon and trying to analyze it by relying on the provided studies, reports, information and statistical data related to the subject of the study. In so doing, the researchers will answer the following questions of the study: 1,  What is the objective degree of similarity between the education systems in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council? 2,  What is the need to develop the education systems in the GCC? 3,  What are the substantive dilemmas that stand in the face of the development of education systems in the GCC? Based on the analysis of these constraints the study found important recommendations aimed at reforming the existing education systems in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council. Of these recommendations: 1,  Developing of future vision for the function of education in the GCC countries. 2,  Supporting the trend towards decentralization in the management and organization of public education in the GCC countries. 3,  Making the school an administrative unit which has a sufficient degree of independence and freedom. 4,  Relaying totally on national teachers to ensure greater efficiency of the output of public education. 5,  Reviewing the policies of current spending on public education in the GCC countries.


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