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Volume 24, No. 4, 2012

Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 24, No. 4, 2012

The old title of the journal "Journal of Educational Sciences and Islamic Studies"


Educational studies

1. The Effect of the "Appleton Model" in Constructive Analysis on the Development of Creative Thinking and Achievement of Geography Among Second Grade Students of Secondary Schools at the Governorate of Jeddah  / Asmaa Al — Ahdal

2. Factors Contributing to Students' Dropout from the Affiliation Program at The College of Arts for Girls in Dammam, from the Viewpoint of Faculty Members and Students / Maha Bakr Abdullah Bakr

3. The Level of knowledge of Teacher — Students at Jazan University , K. S.A,  for The Concepts of Physical Education, which are Derived from the Prophetic Sunnah and the Degree of their Ability to Classify these Concepts in the light of the Principle of Responsibility  / Wael A. AL — Tat; Khaled M. Abu ALQasem

4. The Relationship Between Self — Control and Negative Behaviors  / Faeqah Saaed Jowanah

5. School Principals' Perception of Supervisors' Performance: Evidence from Public Schools in Jerash Governorate in Jordan  / Ahmad F. Abu Kaream

6. Construct Validity of Model Felder and Silverman learning Styles of Students University  / El Sayed Mohamed Abu Hashem

7. Public Education Systems in the Countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council: Frameworks and Development Problems A Critical Perspective  / Mohammad Al — Musaileem,Wafaa Al — Yaseen

8. The Extent of Available Necessary Skills to the Co — operative Learning Method and Use Hinders for Teachers of Islamic Education in the Primary Schools in Riyadh according to the Viewpoint of Educative Supervisors, Principals and Teachers  / Khalid Ibrahim Al Matroudi

9. The Effectiveness of the Adaptive Testing Using Selected Response Items and Constructed Response Items  / Ismail Al-Bursan

10. Psychometric Properties of the Watson — Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal Short form , WGCTA — SF,  Study among a Sample of Students Teachers at Saudi Context  / Khaled Alotaibi

11.  The Effect of Computer Assisted Instruction , CAI,  on Students' Computer Application Achievemen t/  Riyadh at Hassan

12. The Effect of Proposed Training Program to Develop Action Research Skills in Social Studies Teachers in Jordan  / Mohammad Salameh Bakheet, Ibrahim Al — Qaoud

13. Teaching Applied Sciences through Simulation  / Ahmed I. Al-Safadi,Lilac A. E. Al-Safadi

14. The Effect of the Medium of Assessment on Speakers of English as a Second Language Children's Achievement in Mathematics, Science and Social Studies  / Abdallah Ahmad Baniabdelrahman,uba Fahmi Bataineh

15. Perceived Efficacy Levels of Islamic Education Teachers in Jordan  / Sadeq Al — Shudaifat,Lana Khasawneh,Mamdouh Alshuraa


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