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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 1, No. 1, 2, 1989

Our Curriculum and Islamic Education / Mohammed Othman Kashmeeri

The Islamic world has its own educational system, unique in its nature and quality. Islamic education should maintain the principles of Islam which would lead it to fulfill the needs and philosophy of Muslims. If the Islamic educational system does not take these principles into consideration, this would guide the society in the wrong direction by changing the aims and goals of the Islamic teachings. Islamic belief, thoughts and philosophy are considered to be the cornerstone in the Islamic educational system. Unfortunately, the majority of the Muslim world was colonized and overrun for a long period of time, by different outside powers. Usually, the occupiers tried to spread their ideas and philosophy through the educational system.
In this article, the researcher discusses the Islamic educational system, showing its advantages. He will discuss the Western educational system and its influence over society and how it affects the educational system as a whole. The researcher will summarize the effectiveness and accuracy of the Islamic educational system for the Muslim people. He suggests the following ideas which would comply with the Islamic curriculum: consideration of Qur’an; consideration of Al-Hadith and Islamic history; considera- tion of the Arabic language; training teachers; avoid imitating non-Islamic systems; establishing research centers


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