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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 1, No. 1, 2, 1989

Influence of the Administrative Pattern of Principals on Their Performance in Schools / Mohamed Abdulla Al-Mannie

This research traces the influence of the way, school principals act in schools on the performance of their jobs and how they behave towards teachers when they act according to different adminstrative patterns.

The administrative patterns mentioned here are outlined as follow: democratic; autocratic; laissez-faire.
The research shows that the democratic principal can better satisfy human relations as well as realize educational objectives. He can also create mutual trust between himself and his teachers. On the other hand, in the autocratic setting, the teachers depend on the principal for doing their jobs. and participation in decision-making is limited.

In a laissez-faire framework, the objectives of education are not accomplished and the principal is not active in decision-making. The principal loses the confidence of his teachers.
The research also shows the influence of educational district government upon the principal‘s work in school.


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