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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 3, No. 2, 1991

The Effects of Certain Variables on Teachers’ Value Assessments of Areas in Educational Media on Their Performance / Hussein Eltobgy, Mohammed Ghazzawi

The study endeavours to investigate teachers' opinions regarding the value of different areasin educational media as they pertain to improving classroom instruction. and whether these opinions varyaccording to sex. experience. specialization and studying a course in media. A questionnaire wasdeveloped and administered to a random sample (N=799) of junior high school teachers in Kuwait.Appropriate statistical methods were used to analyze the data. The results revealed that certain areas weremore important than others in improving teachers‘ performance such as media selection and utilization,the use of media school library and the principles of perception and learning. However.significant differences appeared among teachers‘ opinions towards certain areas due to sex, eXperience, specialization, andprevious study of a media course. The researchers recommended that more emphasis should be placed  onthe media areas that refate closely to the nature of teachers’ specialization and needs. Further researchshould be conducted in this field.


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