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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 24, No. 1, 2012

Training needs for faculty members to teach man e-learning  environment / Ahmad Almassaad

This study aimed to determine training needs for faculty members to be able to teach in an e-learning environment. Theresearcher adopted a descriptive approach to research. and the sample of the study consisted of , 97,  faculty member of the College ofEducation at King Saud University. The study found that there were five important areas of training that faculty members should get to beable to teach in an of e-learning environment. which are: Teaching in the classroom using modern techniques. teaching via the Internet. Theuse ofe-learning techniques in communicating with others.the planning and design of e-leaming courses. and the utilization of techniquesand tools of e-leaming in education. Moreover.this study found no statistically significant differences in participants' responses to theresearch questions according on the variables: Nationality. sex. department. and educational experience. Yet.there were significantdifferences between participants in responses according to the variable academic degree. The study presented objectives for some trainingcourses to be provided for faculty members to be able to teach in an e-learning environment. and recommendations for future research wereproposed.

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