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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 24, No. 2, 2012

The Knowledge Achievement in the Sport Injuries and Posture Deformities for the Physical Educators in the Gazan Educational Stage at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  / Ali, M. Jbbari,

This study aimed to identify The Knowledge achievement for the physical educators in the sports injuries and posture deformities courses at Gazan educational zone in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to identify the Achievement differences in these two courses Also, this study aimed to identity the relationship between the achievement in these two courses and between the following factors: age, teaching stages, years of experiences, and number of workshops and seminars. The Descriptive survey method has been used in this study. the population was , 289,  educators,, 78,  has been randomly selected as a sample for this study from all the school years, with age average of , 35,63,  years. The average of years experiences were , 13,12,  years, and the average of seminars and workshop numbers was , 8,40, .All the sample individuals have taken a written exam where the consistence and validity of the test containing , 28,  questions in the sports injuries and poster deviations courses. The study results indicated that there was a clear lack of knowledge achievement in the average of the sample individuals, which was , 43,25, 40,93,  for the two courses respectively. There was no significant differences between the two averages at , 0,05, .The one- way ANOVA indicated that there was a significant differences at , 0,05,  between the school stages and achievement level in sport injury course in favor of preparatory stage, and the L.S.D test indicated an average of , 0,029, . At the meantime the school stage average showed no significant differences in the posture deviations course. Also, there was no significant differences between the years of experiences, the number of seminars, workshops, and the achievement level in these two courses. The study results also indicated a weak significant relationship between the study factors and achievement level in these two courses.

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