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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 24, No. 2, 2012

A Suggested Remedial program for Mathematics Learning Disabilities for Middle School Students Based on Modern Educational Technology  /Ahmad EffatKorshem, Hisham Barakat Hussein

The research aims to diagnosing mathematic learning disabilities which faced the middle school students, The sample consisted of , 392,  first grade students in four middle schools in Taif, they exposed research tools: non-verbal intelligence test, diagnostic and achievement tests in mathematics, and a scale of behavioral characteristics for people with learning disabilities in mathematics, the measure of behavioral characteristics for students with Learning Disabilities. The results show that the Ratio of learning disabilities is , 17.86%, , and shows many aspects of mathematical learning disabilities seen in complex operations and abstracts as: • The relations between Natural Numbers and integers • The division and multiplication of integer numbers. • The inverted addition of integer numbers. • The Word problems. • Understanding the preparations of integer numbers as: integration, substitution, and distribution • Using mathematical expirations. Then proposed a remedial program of mathematics disabilities, as well as introduced recommendations and suggested researches.



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