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Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 1, No. 1, 2, 1989

Analyzing Verbal Interaction in King Saud University’s Student-Teacher Lessons / Yacoub Nashwan

This study aimed to analyze the verbal interaction which occurred in the student-teacher lessons. The following questions were presented:
1. What are the types of students-teachers verbal behavior?
2. What are the types of pupils’ verbal behavior?
3. What is the degree of indirectness/directness in student-teachers' lessons?
Forty-seVen lessons Were tape recorded and analyzed by (FIAC) system. These lessons were randomly selected.
The result revealed:
1. The lecturing behavior was the most dominant.
2. The indirectness/directness ratio in student-teachers lessons was 27.8%.
3. The percentage of pupils’ verbal behavior was less than 50% in most of the lessons.
This study recommended that these types of verbal interaction minimize the effective communication in the classroom and learning. So, the student-teacher must be trained to be able to use indirect verbal interaction

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