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Volume 17, No. 2, 2005

Journal of Educational Sciences >  Volume 17, No. 2, 2005

Educational studies

1. The Role of Community Colleges in Achieving Equality in Educational Opportunities  / Abdurrahman M. A. Aihabeeb

2. The Relationship between Working Memory and Silent Reading Abilities in a Sample of Hearing Impaired Students in Riyadh  / Mohammed J. Thabit

3. Analysis of the Evaluative Questions in the Islamic Education Textbooks , Grades 1 - 4,  in Jordan and the Sultanate of Oman: A Comparative Study  / Mohammed Abdulkarim AI-Ayasirah

4. Reasons for Secondary School Teachers' Dislike of Educational Supervisors as Perceived by Supervisors, School Principals and Teachers in UAE  / Eid Dirani

5. Ethical Considerations of Language Testing: A Theoretical Field Study  / Ghurmallah Abdullah Al-Ghantdi

6. Role of Supervision of Education in Promoting the Performance of Schools Principals  / Abdulla Haysoon Al-Masaudi ,Abdulla Salim Al Gadi ,Mosleh Saeed Al Gahtani

Islamic studies

1. The Classical Muslim View on the Real Nature of Believe and a Critical Appraisal of the Opinions of Their Opponents / Haya Al-Ashekh 

2. Sulook AI Jad'ah , The Clear Pathway,  and Its Effects in the Defectiveness , I'lal,  of Al-Ahadeeth  / Khaled M. A. Al-Drees

3. Testimony Withdrawal and Its Stipulations in the Islamic Law  / Abd Elrahman  finan Aljaloud

4. BeneVol.ence in Quran and Its Effect on the Life of the Incumbents  / Idris Hamid Mohammed

5. Summary for Al Awzaii's School , Doctrine,  / Abdul Mohsen A. Al Sowegh

6. Pre-marriage Medical Test in the Islamic Jurisprudence / Musleh Abdul-Hai A1-Najjar

7. A Research Brief about Contestation Probability Evidences Relating to the Narrator in the Viewpoint of Speakers: Practical Study / Dekhel S. Al-Lhedan

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