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Volume 15, No. 2, 2003

Journal of Educational Sciences >  Volume 15, No. 2, 2003

Educational studies

1. Attitudes of Academic Administrators and Faculty Members toward Research, Teaching, and Rewards at Three Gulf Arab Universities  / Mulaihan M. Athubaity

2. Reading Skills and Strategies Which Help to Understand Verbal Problems in Mathematics  / Saleh  Abdul-Ariz Al-Nassar

3. Difficulties Determining Appropriate Statistical Techniques Facing Researchers in Social Sciences at King Faisal University  / Aldullah Omar Alnajjar

4. Teaching Informatics in Saudi Arabian Public Schools: Current National Status, International Prospective, and Future Plan  / Ibrahim A. Al-Mohaissin

5. Tasks Made By Educational Supervisors towards Intermediate Stage Teachers from the Teachers' Points of Views  / Othman  Al Burikan

6. Level of Knowledge and Skills of Kuwaiti Science Teachers Regarding Their Usage of Computers and Instructional Software in Science Teaching   / Abdullah AbdulAziz Al-Hadlaq

7. Student Teaching Supervisors' Job Satisfaction  / Talal M. Al-rneajel ,Abdullah S. Al-yhia

8. The Effect of Using Distance Education on the Achievement Of Female Students  / Saleh M. Al-Debassi

9. Training Needs for Art Education Teachers in Intermediate Schools  / Abdulaziz R. Al-Najada

10. The Compatibility of Freshman EFL Textbooks Used by Saudi Universities with Islamic Culture / Ahmad Omer Alhaidari

Islamic studies

1. Quranic Theme and Its Reflection on the Revelation of Meaning  / Zayed Omar Abduliah 

2. Surat Yusuf: A Psychological Reading  / Mustapha M. Achoui

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