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Volume 17, No. 1, 2004

Journal of Educational Sciences >  Volume 17, No. 1, 2004

Educational studies

1. Factors Leading to Student's Transference among Faculties in King Saud University Abdul Rahman Ibn-Abdul  / Hajar Al-Ghamdi

2. Dimensions of Scientific Literacy in Saudi Society  / Hiya Mohammed Almzroa .

3. The Effects of Memorizing the Quran on the Achievement of the University Level Students  / Saeed Faleh Al-Mighamsi

4. The Problems of Low-achievers as determined by their Perspectives at teacher's college in Al- Rass Governorate in Saudi Arabia  / Hassan Omer Shaker illansi

5. The Cognitive Aspect of the Technological Literacy for the Basic Tenth Graders in Irbid District in Jordan  / GHAZI DAIFFALLAII RAWAQA ,Suha Ahmed Issa Mehaidat

6. An Analytical Study of Child Rights in Arabic Language Textbooks in the First Three Grades in Jordan / Imad T, Sa'di

7. Classification of Wheelchair Athletes in the Paralympic Games: A Critical Study  / Abdulhakim J. Al-Matar

Islamic studies

1. Probable among the people in the Holy Quran / Falwa Bent Naser Ben Hamad AlRashed

2. The Ablution Decree of Eating Camel Meat and Drinkingits Laban  /  Ali assoon

3. Synopsis of Research: Secret Marriage in Islamic Jurisprudence. In the Name of Allah The Merciful The Beneficent, Secret Marriage in Islamic jurisprudence  / Abdulaziz Mohammed Al-Rubish

4. The Brief Overview Of Hadiths In the Biographies Of AI bukhari's Sahib's Narrators  /  Abdulaziz Ahmed Al gasim 

5. Islamic Punishments Penalties System distinguished by the following  / Ali Al-Hassoon

6. Al-Shafaa , the Multiplicity of Mediation, : Its Forms and Decrees in the Islamic Jurisprudence  / Abdullab Ibrahim AI-Nasser


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