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Volume 24, No. 3, 2012

Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 24, No. 3, 2012

The old title of the journal "Journal of Educational Sciences and Islamic Studies"


Educational studies

1. Knowledge of Instruction and Evaluation Strategies Based Education Reform for the Knowledge Economy , ERfKE,  and Practicing these Strategies as Perceived by Ministry of Education Teachers in Jordan / Haidar I. Zaza,Mustafa Q. Heilat,Mohammed A. Al - Qudah

2. The Availability Of Basic Computer Skills among Student Teachers at King Saud University  / Riyadh at Hassan

3. Teaching Performance Development Practices for Faculty Members at King Faisal University  / Aljohara Ibrahim Bubshait

4. Performance Management in General Administrations of Education in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia / Sabriyah Muslim ALyahyawi

5. Riyadh Middle School Art Teachers' Knowledge of Behavioral Objectives  / Mohammad M. A. Aldosari

6. The Effect of AProposed Training Program in Developing Some Effective Teaching Methods of Mild and Moderate Mentally Retarded Children Teacher's / Mustafa. N. Al  Qamash

7. The Extent of Achieving the National Standards for the Professional Development by Islamic Education Teachers from the Perspectives of School Principals, Islamic Education Teachers and Supervisors  / Sadeq Al — Shudaifat,HatoufSammarh,Randa Mahasneh

8. An Evaluation Evaluation of the Secondary Phase Islamic Culture Text Materials in Jordan in the light of the Aims that Achieve the Five Necessities  / Omar Salim Muhammad Al-Khateeb

9. Application Form «Bybee» Structural Correction of Misconceptions in the Field of Educational Technology among Students of Teachers College at King Saud University / Abdel — Hafiz Mohammed Jaber salamah

10. Instructional performance of the gifted education teachers in implementing effective enrichment model in saudi arabia public education schools / Abdullah M. Aljughaiman

11. Professional Stress of Primary School Teachers in Tabuk City, KSA  / Mohammad Abdullah Assiri

12. The Influence of Infusing Critical Thinking Skills with Science Classes on Achievement and Enhance Critical Thinking on 7th Grade Students  / Mayy Omar Abdulaziz Alsebail

13. The Effectiveness of a Learning Package Based on Teaching by Multiple Intelligence Strategies on Developing Achievement and Attitudes of Arabic Language Department Staff towards it  / Wafaa Hafiz Eshish Al Ouayd


Islamic studies

1. Track Licenses "Wisdom and Forms / Walid Bin Ali Al-Hussein

2. Sabean , Dawa Historical Study / Hamood bin Jabir bin Mubarak Al-harthi


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