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Volume 3, No. 1, 1991

Journal of Educational Sciences > Volume 3, No. 1, 1991

The old title of the journal "Educational Sciences"


Educational studies

1. Parents’ Reaction towards Physical Disability : a Pilot Study​ / Abdel Aziz M. Sartawi

2. The Quranic Education Approach / Tawfiq Marei

3. Contrast in Art and Nature / Muhyiddin Syed Ahmad Tarabeh

4. Functional and Esthetic Aspects of Guiding Signs / Abdulaziz M. Alageely, Muhyiddin Sayed Ahmad Tarabeh

5. The Star-Shape Element in Islamic Art / Abdul Fattah Ahmed Abdul Lattef

6. The Clinical Value of the WAIS in the Diagnosis of Organic Brain Damage / El Sheikh R. Ibrahim

7. The Evaluation of Geography Instruction and the Variety of Its Teaching Concerning the Experience, Nationality and the Field of Study, in Intermediate Schools in Saudi Arabia / Soliman Mohammed Al-Jabr

8. A Critical Study of “Terminology of Art and Art Education" / Mohammed Abdel Mageed Fadl

9. The Relationship of Mother’s Education, Age and Number of Children to Raising Children in Kuwaiti Society / Qasem Alsarraf

10. Evaluation of Graduate Studies at King Saud University through the Analysis of Some Students’ Records / Mohamed A. Al-Mannie

11. Simple Addition and Subtraction Word Problems / Abdul-Aziz H. Al-Bataa

12. Sex Differences in: Extroversion and Neuroticism among Saudi Subjects / Taisir Abdallah

13. The Impact of a Child Hearing Impairment on Parents and Its Relationship with Some Variables / Zaidan Ahmad Sartawi

14. General Considerations of National Plans for Training Professionals in Special Education and Rehabilitation / Yousef Qaryouti

15. Early Retirement of Female Kuwaiti Teachers: A Field Study / Zeinabl Ali AI-Jaber, Dalal Al-Hadhod


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